Seeing Place, Dominika Sobolewska
Objects reminiscent of giant eyeballs with camera installed in them, were set up in different spots around Lublin, spots characterized by the vitality of a great flow of human masses passing to-and-fro. The images captured by the objects were be transmitted, in a manner similar to that of closed-circuit security monitoring system, to a central computer placed in a special location. An interconnected system of screens installed in areas of the city which have either been somewhat forgotten or neglected in some fashion, was projecting a stream of images, faces and gestures. In this way, an abandoned area has become populated with the video-presence of the city’s inhabitants. In a reciprocal manner, a persons “looking into the eye” could hear information inviting them to physically discover the real place which they have just witnessed only virtually. Persuaded by the voices which they have heard, they will gain the ability to transcend a certain visual barrier.