“Three Women – Three Generations – Three Points of View”

in collaboration with Sonia Rolak and Wanda Casaril

In the presented work I will try to confront myself with the problem of alienation of the social unit.
Trying to respond the question about the quality of interpersonal relations I’ll focus myself on solitude and isolation. The main idea of the project is to insert in the show- window the set of peepholes. Placed on the transparent gallery window circular holes are a kind of visual provocation… Their location seems to be an illogical treatment.
However it is an aware, intentional action. At first sight inncocent-looking objects in fact are cloud-wrapped. The confrontation between the 2 seen realities – one through the gallery window and the second – through unconventional peephole makes us realize that what we see at the first sight is not always what we seems to see. Surrounding world itself it has a lot of undemonstrated pain, loneliness and spiritual lostness

Photos: Luca Demarchi