Asylum – an architectural form integrated into a space of one of the courtyards of Four Temples District in Wrocław. The form captured and faithfully rendered the atmosphere of the place. Thanks to the distortion of mirrored structures and colours, it highlighted the scenic beauty of the place and presented the spirit of transience of surrounding space.
A visual camouflage possible thanks to the usage of mirrors integrated a block into an architectural urban tissue and provoked passers-by to interactions. It made the blocks either visible or invisible. The form of the project intrigued the spectators and induced them to a deeper exploration of what was inside. The application of reflections inside the block was a kind of a manipulation that allowed to show the sights of the place. A cube-shaped form of the Asylum was a frame which kept a beauty of a chosen part of space.
The space penetrated into the inside of the block and settled there becoming a sacred one. Entering the inside of the “Asylum”, one became an integral part of Sacrum, an area of sanctity. The object encouraged to stop, leave one’s route for a moment and then to disappear in a space-time giving an opportunity to talk with the walls of old, omnipresent tenements. A confrontation with the encountered Asylum allowed to slow down and contemplate the surroundings.
Project previously presented during the 6th edition of Survival in Wroclaw (29.06-1.07.2008) The second presentation took place in Sopot in May 2010.