‘Interactive playground.’ The set of installations, constantly developed since 2008 to include new components, allows an intensive experience and creation of images and sounds on large screens, all through play. The system uses hidden electronics and material elements, including ready-made objects originating from popular toys but going beyond their banal forms and functions, e.g. light swords or shiny rubber spheres. Textures from the natural world, absent in standard computer interaction, as well as pre-arranged three-dimensional compositions that you can immerse yourself in, let the veiwers – including those with disabilities – directly and personally explore the concept of art, as if replicating the original sensory and conceptual cognition of the world. It is the kind of cognition that is fundamental in the process of shaping a child’s relationship with its environment in the earlier stages of development.

In 2009, the project was awarded the wARTo Prize by Gazeta Wyborcza in the category of visual arts.

Authors: Dominika Sobolewska, Patrycja Mastej, Paweł Janicki

Photos: Luca Demarchi

Design, Interior Design, Interaction, fine arts